Moments Gold Clasp Bracelet

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This charm bracelet is the perfect foundation for your Pandora collection. Hand-finished in 14k gold, this snake chain bracelet features Pandora's iconic barrel clasp for a secure fit while the innovative threading system makes it easy to screw charms onto your bracelet. Simply add a couple of clips to divide the bracelet into three sections, then choose your favourite Pandora charms to express your unique style.
Uyumlu Parça Pandora Moments Bileklikler
Renk Renk yok
Ürün Türü Bileklikler
Ürün 550702_BRACE
Metal Gold
Boyutlar Derinlik: 8 mm
Ağırlık: 9 mm
Genişlik: 3 mm

Pandora’da 3 farklı hat bulunmaktadır. Her hattaki ürünler birbirleriyle uyumludur.

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